The band

Today, I’d like to introduce the band and the dog.


Here is John Timmins and John Wojewoda on my roof after a rehearsal. John Timmins has put a lot of time into this project. I approached him originally when I was doing the album just to play a bit of banjo but he has become a partner in all aspects of this show from playing banjo, guitar, singing back-ups, spoons, harmonica, to participating in endless discussions about what we are going to do with this music.  I am also very lucky to have John Wojewoda interested in this  – he adds on his dobro guitar and with his vocals a vibe and a feel that is exactly what I want on this music.  Eric Brown, not seen here, was the engineer of this album and when you come to a live show you will see Eric on bass and vocals.

And this is Abby…

The Dog

John Timmins on the roof. You should never leave a wicker chair outside all winter.


Portrait of the Banjo Wicker

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