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The listing is up now on the Hugh’s Room Calendar! To book and reserve tickets go to or call them at 416 531-6604.

I am very excited about this gig as it is the first time I have booked Hugh’s Room for my own show. And Katherine Wheatley is doing her show that night also so we are sharing the evening. Katherine and I played together years ago when we were both just starting our music careers and I have a great deal of respect for her and for her music.

I talked to Katherine a few months ago about approaching Hugh’s Room and I was thinking of a title for the show and really liked ‘LADIES SING LOW’. It probably won’t be advertised now as such, but it will be in my mind and maybe will be some kind of future concert series – who knows? In a way this does refer to our voices as we both have unusually low voices for females. But what I really meant was to have women writers/musicians whose work is a true expression of their lives, their place in history and time, whether they are singing about their religion or their sorrows and joys, their families and lovers and relationships, who they are as individuals and their true human experience that we all share.

Sometimes pictures are the best way to get across what I mean as words can get in the way. This is what I mean. This is a picture of Flora Molton, a street singer whose picture I got from the ‘ Fire In My Bones’ album. Let’s call Flora the First Lady in my concert series. I will keep her in mind for inspiration in my own work that I will be performing. She is authentic.


I will be performing songs from my recent album ‘In the Nickelodeon’ which is my own story really and told with my own spin on things. I will be accompanied by John Timmins on banjo, guitar, harmonica and vocals. And by John Wojewoda who will play his Dobro guitar and vocals, accordion and a little viola. I may have some surprise guests.

We are also working on some old blues and gospel tunes, traditional but rearranged. I love doing this and I am looking for new material from these old sources. My own work is filled with old blues feel and hymn structure and I’m not sure where this came from. But if you use an old song structure and add a lyric based on ones’ own experience, the result can be good. This is the basis of some songs on my album like ‘Someday You’ll Dance’ and ‘Wagon Lament’. I particularly love this kind of song for myself as it has a different emotional quality that suits me just fine.



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