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text by Mike Timmins
photo captions by Margo Timmins

We came off the road after touring Caution Horses for nine months and each of us went scuffling off to look for the lives we had put on hold, trying to remember where we lived, where we had left our house keys, trying to remember the names of our friends and family members. Since the release of Trinity we had been on the road for close to two years without too many significant breaks. We had finally hit the burn-out phase and in one of the few lucent moments that we had left we decided to go home for a long rest. Out of that rest came the album Black Eyed Man. For this album we decided to radically change the way we recorded ourselves; we dropped the one microphone recording style in favour of a more traditional studio recording, we decided not to rely on Peter Moore for production duties (although he did the final mix with us), we spread the album sessions over a period of several months instead of hours and we decided to experiment with a new mixture of musicians and instruments. The album was recorded at Grant Avenue Studios in Hamilton, Ontario (forty-five minutes west of Toronto). A comfortable, funky music orientated studio started by Daniel Lanois and at the time of Black Eyed Man owned and run by Bob Doidge. Bob, along with John Oliviera, were the house engineers, both of whom we relied heavily on throughout the recording of the album.

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