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text by Mike Timmins
photo captions by Margo Timmins

The making of The Caution Horses was a lot more complicated an event than the experiences of our first two recordings. But despite the problems that we had making the record it remains as one of the bands favourites.

This was a very exciting and tumultuous time in our bands life. Two years earlier we had walked out of Trinity church with a document in our hands that would over the next twelve months vault us into the international spotlight. We went from touring in vans and sleeping on floors to cushy hotel rooms and dream tour buses. We had more gig offers than we could possibly commit to and it was not uncommon to find ourselves in some sterile television studio in some exotic foreign city, playing our music for millions of people. It was an intoxicating and mostly enjoyable time. The absolute best part of it was that we were able to afford to put together a touring band of whatever musicians we chose. We quickly asked Jeff, Kim and Jaro to join us on our ride and the seven of us along with our newly acquired road crew set off for a couple of spins around the globe.

It was during this time of intense touring that we hit on a plan of how we should approach the recording of our next album. The constant performing night after night was turning the band into a very tight seven piece unit. A lot of new songs had been written while on the road and their arrangements had been honed on the live stage. It seemed obvious to try and once again capture the band performing in a live setting. We decided along with Peter Moore to use the same recording technique that we had for our past two albums, but rather than confine the session to a single day and to a single room we would set up in a variety of acoustically interesting settings over a period of time and then compile the best versions of each song after we had completed a number of recordings. This way we could continue touring and every several weeks when we passed through town we could do a recording session in someplace of Peter's choosing.

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