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text by Alan Anton
photo captions by Margo Timmins

All our supplies had to be ferried over on a small boat so we did the classic over-buy and had enough food and booze for a month. So we ate and drank and looked at the stars and played music when we felt like it. It sounds lazy but we really got a lot done fairly quickly. Anyway the songs came along and we had to leave the island behind.

Helping us to ferry supplies and our equipment was a local character whom we had befriended. His name, or the name we knew him by, was Zolt. Zolt had fought in the Korean war on the other side. He flew MIGs for the Bulgarian Air Force and had somehow ended up flying sorties in Korea. Zolt and his wife had escaped to the West in the 60's and had ended up in Canada where they quietly settled on the shores of Lake Kashabog, not too many boatlengths from Rock Island. What had once been a private utopia for the couple had in recent years turned into a private hell. Zolt's wife had developed Alzheimers and had to be institutionalised. Zolt now spent his days visiting her, visiting the bottle and watching the seasons slide by his window. The song Come Calling was inspired by his and her plight. We decided to do two interpretations of the song - one sung from his perspective (his song) and the other from hers (her song).

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