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text by Mike Timmins
photo captions by Margo Timmins

While on the road I had been inspired to start working on several new songs which I was able to polish up and finish within a couple of months of getting home. The band was chomping at the bit to start work on something new and Ken Myhr, who we had had out on the road with us for Black Eyed Man, was invited to join us in working out new arrangements for the songs.

Ken's versatility on guitar, in all idioms, made us comfortable with putting together any structure we wanted, knowing he could gel with it and give it a zap. In April of 1993 the five of us went into Studio 306, a small studio in Toronto set up in an old coach house behind a Victorian abode. "306" also came with a great engineer, Bob Cobban, who had brought us there earlier to record Lost My Driving Wheel, a recording that remains one of our favourites. Over the Easter weekend, the five of us laid down all of the basic tracks in three marathon sessions - stopping to make the occasional cup of tea and to eat my birthday cake.

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