Open Road CD/DVD
Release Date: 2002

1 Murder, Tonight, in the Trailer Park Lyrics  
2 Lay it Down Lyrics  
3 This Street, That Man, This Life Lyrics  
4 Thousand Year Prayer Lyrics  
5 Bread and Wine Lyrics  
6 Witches Lyrics  
7 Something More Besides You Lyrics  
8 Escape is so Simple Lyrics  
9 Dragging Hooks Lyrics  
10 Anniversary Song Lyrics  

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Open Road is a two-disc set (1 DVD and 1 CD) that documents our 2001 Open Road Tour. There is a combined four hours of music, video, still images and spoken word. The three hour long DVD contains: a beautifully filmed full band concert performance; a seven song performance by Margo and Michael; an extensive interview with Margo and Michael; and a behind the scenes documentary about life on the open road. The hour long CD contains live performances recorded during the tour.