At the End of Paths Taken
Release Date: 2007

1 Brand New World Lyrics  
2 Still Lost Lyrics  
3 Cutting Board Blues Lyrics  
4 Spiral Down Lyrics  
5 My Little Basquiat Lyrics  
6 Someday Soon Lyrics  
7 Follower 2 Lyrics  
8 It Really Doesn't Matter Anyway Lyrics  
9 Blue Eyed Savior Lyrics  
10 Mountain Lyrics  
11 My Only Guarantee Lyrics  

Production Credits:

guest musicians:
Jeff Bird: electric mandolin, percussion
Joby Baker: piano, keyboards, bass
Henry Kucharzyk: digital kalimba
The Sarah J. Ratzlaff / Madeleine Wieler Youth Choir
Narration on Mountain by John A. Timmins read from his book I Donít Know Where I Am But Iím Making Good Time

Strings arranged and conducted by Henry Kucharzyk (
Violin: Benjamin Bowman
Violin: Sandra Baron
Violin: Rebecca Vanderpost
Violin: Sarah Fraser-Raff
Cello: Amy Laing
Cello: Richard Armin

All songs (SOCAN) written by Michael Timmins except tracks 5, 8 and 10 written by Michael Timmins and Alan Anton. All songs published in North America by BMG Songs/Zomba Music; and by Carthage Music Ltd. in the Rest-Of-World.

Produced and recorded by Michael Timmins at The Clubhouse and The Farm between June and November 2006. Strings recorded by Ian Bodzasi at Metalworks Studios. Supplemental recording by Joby Baker at Baker Studios. Mixed by Joby Baker (tracks 2, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10) at Baker Studios and Jeff Wolpert (tracks 1, 3, 4, 7, 11) at Desert Fish. Mastered by Peter J. Moore at The E Room.

Cover concept by David Houghton and Alice Phieu. Art Direction by David Houghton for Open Circle, assisted by Alice Phieu. Cover/Package photographs by Angus MacPherson. Hand models Xiu Gao Timmins and Barbara Timmins.

Cowboy Junkies are: Margo Timmins (vocals), Michael Timmins (guitar), Peter Timmins (drums, percussion), Alan Anton (bass).

Guest musicians: John Timmins (guitar, banjo), Jeff Bird (electric mando), Jaro Czerwinec (accordion), Rebel (vocal and lyrics on I Don't Want To Be A Soldier), Bob Egan (pedal steel), Anne Bourne (cello).

Recorded at The Clubhouse during February and March 2005. Produced, engineered and mixed by Michael Timmins except for tracks 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 mixed by Jeff Wolpert. Track 3 inspired by the novel The Wars by Timothy Findley. Track 4 inspired by the poem The Passing Of Arthur by Lord Alfred Tennyson. Mastered by Peter J Moore at The E Room. Cover painting by Xiu B Doo. Art direction by Howells and Dinnick.