Tour Diary – London, UK (Nov 5, 2010)

Picadilly Circus

Margo and I left a day earlier than the rest of the band to do some radio in London. It’s always exciting going to Europe, it’s never exciting getting on the plane to make the journey: unending line-ups, long delays, cramped spaces, bad food, bad movies, bad air and testy waiters and waitresses-in-the-sky. But all-in-all Margo and I had a painless passage. The rest of the band was not so fortunate. Their flight was moved up two hours (who ever heard of a flight being moved up) and no one received the email that the airline said that it sent out. Fortunately the flight was delayed by an hour and they arrived at the airport a couple of hours before the flight was originally scheduled to leave because of the piles of equipment that they had to check in. So they made the flight and had just enough time to pay the $1750 excess baggage fee. Oil Companies, phone companies and airlines….I’d like to see a poll that ranks the most hated industries in the eyes of your average consumer.  While the rest of the band was dealing with their headaches Margo and I were facing a few of our own. The BBC, where most of our interviews were to take place, was beset by unscheduled strikes and our day of interviews went down the drain. So Margo and I spent the day wandering around the West End. It rained all day, apparently it was a “wet” rain, the type of rain that I’ve rarely experienced outside of London. It’s more like an extremely intense mist. One steps outside and thinks, “this isn’t so bad” and then after walking a couple of blocks it’s like you’ve just done a couple of laps in a swimming pool. There’s no point in using an umbrella, there are no drops, there is no gravity, the water just envelopes you. Despite being shutout by the union and soaked by the weather it was still a pleasure to be back in London. This is such a great city. It vibrates with energy. It is ancient and powerful, an entity unto itself. I love being here.

Regent Street

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2 Responses to “Tour Diary – London, UK (Nov 5, 2010)”

  1. Dougie Says:

    November 10th, 2010 at 10:18 am

    I was at the concert and have to say I was very surprised how quiet the audience were… very untypical of my experiences of Glasgow audiences. Glad that the band managed to rise above the crowds lethargy though and produced an excellent set. My first junkies concert but hopefully not my last. The new material made me revisit Renmin Park which had left me slightly disappointed when it was released, however have played it a few times since the concert and it’s a definite grower.

  2. Says:

    November 10th, 2010 at 3:50 pm

    i was at the london show (my first full CJ show after seeing the acoustic on a couple of years back), having had my own (slightly shorter) nightmare journey with took 3 hours 45 minutes from Leicester, normally a shade over 2 hours (thanks to very wet rain, very bad drivers, and extremently bad/unlucky drivers having accidents)
    Union Chapel is a strange venue… i’d planned to arrive early and sit downstairs but walked thru the door just as the band came out onstage so had to go upstairs (third attempt found a pew with a view)… i only got my clubhouse subscription last week and had only listened to Renmin Park streaming from the site once before that, but after 4 or 5 listens i’m loving it. some ‘classic’ junkies but lots of experimentation too which i like… and i love the Vic Chesnutt songs played live – i’ve only before heard his two recent albums (with A Silver Mount Zion) so not familiar with the songs i’ve heard so far, but sounding fine… looking forward to the album (and the next UK shows)