NYC in February

It’s been our experience that the best time of year to visit any city in the North East is February….so we have a little jaunt planned to NYC for the second week of the month. We’ll be performing full shows at the very intimate City Winery on Feb 7th and 8th. We’ll be performing on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on February 9th and we’ll be part of a much larger celebration of Neil Young’s music at Carnegie Hall on February 10th. So if you love those bleak, grey, cold as heck, deep-winter months as much as we do, plan a trip to NYC and put us on your itinerary. Bring your woolies.

Also, remember to pre-order your copy of Demons…the pre-order sales end on January 18th.

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One Response to “NYC in February”

  1. Barbara Says:

    January 12th, 2011 at 5:25 pm

    So, so tempting! But alas, it’s hard to travel on weeknights (still “schoolnights” for teachers!). I don’t suppose you’ll add Friday/Saturday night shows? I have a feeling that the NYC community (and your out-of-town fans) would not let you down!