Sing In My Meadow reviews

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The Daily Telegraph: “..after a quarter century, the Cowboy Junkies are still producing music to challenge and engage…” “among the most brazen effort in the veteran band’s entire catalog…reverb and thick, corrosive riffs drive this thing, alternating between robust, menacing cuts and comparatively abstract, mood-driven ones..” “…the Junkies at their rawest and roughest…shows yet another side of the most versatile, underated bands of the last 25 years.”

No Depression: “ exciting glimpse into the bands depth and power..”

Paste: “..sounds like it would fit right in with their platinum records from early in their career…”

quick before it melts: “…few bands, have managed to keep challenging and pushing boundaries a quarter century after forming the way that Cowboy Junkies have…”

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6 Responses to “Sing In My Meadow reviews”

  1. Barry Says:

    October 30th, 2011 at 3:58 am

    As previously stated- this is my favorite of the 3, since I downloaded it I’ve listened to the album at least 50 times and LOVE IT!! Thanks to the band for this masterpiece. The reviews appear very positive and capture the fact that the Junkies are the most innovative band around producing the best music out there and remain touring- I don’t know how you guys do this but just knowing that you are comming back to the US gives me the hope to keep going through these turbulent times around us. Cannot thank you enough ever for all of the fine work you have done!! Barry

  2. Paddye Says:

    October 30th, 2011 at 9:34 pm

    “perhaps they can pry your credit card out of your stiff little fingers”?? Doesn’t exactly make me want to buy their album. Pretty insulting.

  3. Mike Timmins Says:

    October 31st, 2011 at 7:44 am

    oh well…sorry about that…sometimes humour doesn’t translate in to print…read the line again with a kind of “pirate” accent and put an “aarrrghhh” at the end of it and then it will make sense.


    October 31st, 2011 at 8:23 pm

    More Reviews!


    Cowboy Junkies
    Sing In My Meadow – The Nomad Series Vol 3
    added: 17 Oct 2011 // release date: 17 Oct 2011 // label: Proper Records
    reviewer: David Spencer

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    Canada’s Cowboy Junkies have been pretty prolific over the last few years, giving their fans numerous releases to consume and this is the third part of the four part Nomad Series. For Sing In My Meadow (which I presume is not a euphemism!) the band offer a very different sound to that which you might expect if, like me, you first encountered them on the wonderful The Caution Horses more than 20 years ago. Then it was the delicate and introspective blues, here the amps a turned up and all hell breaks loose!

    The band’s Michael Timmins says the aim was to capture on record the sound they sometimes drift into live but seldom do on record. Therefore this is far grittier and, as they describe it, dirtier. In fact Margo Timmins is sounding wonderful, and it’s like she’s been let free like a kite on a hazy summer breeze, bringing echoes of Patti Smith through the fuzz of It’s Heavy Down Here and 3rd Crusade, with the backing band doing an excellent impression of Crazy Horse.

    Just eight tracks long the album has no filler, and quickly carries you through blues and psychedelia, like Hunted with its soaring guitar and hectic beat and the dirty and mean sounding A Bride’s Price. The latter contains almost 4 minutes of fuzzy guitar, which could be called over-indulgent but it’s never stopped Neil Young has it?!

    Although this was recorded in the Canadian winter there’s an impressive energy and Michael Timmins has explained that even after 25 years the band is feeling fresher then ever. They are certainly sounding it. The previous two collections in this phase have been well received and described by some as their best for almost 20 years; this easily matches that.

    **** 4 out of 5

    Track Listing
    Continental Drift
    It’s Heavy Down Here
    3rd Crusade
    Late Night Radio
    Sing In My Meadow
    A Bride’s Place
    I Move On
    Best Prices

    8 out of 10

    Cowboy Junkies
    Sing In My Meadow18-10-2011 06:00 | James Scanlan | My Other Content | Other content for “Cowboy Junkies”
    For some, the Cowboy Junkies will always be associated with their seminal 1988 album The Trinity Sessions, a stunningly gentle fusion of country, blues, folk and rock. In the years since the band have continued to release albums, maintaining a cult following outside of their Canadian home. To remain intact for twenty five years is commendable, especially when considering how many artists and genres have arrived and departed in this time. Often at this stage in the career a band faces the accusation that their critical and commercial peak lies in the past and they are surfing on the gentle ebbing goodwill of their remaining fans. Is this the case with Sing In My Meadow or have the Cowboy Junkies bucked this trend?

    This is the third in a four part “Nomad Series”, to be released over an eighteen month period. This in itself suggests a band of some vigour to contemplate such a compact release schedule. The albums in this series are a mix of new songs and covers, inspired by their travels and through live playing. This effort is a collection of new songs that they describe as “Acid Blues” themed on “sex and violence”, a musical result of “psychedelic interplay that the band creates during our more adventurous meanderings on stage”.

    The product of this process is simply fantastic. Forget the history; despite the plaudits garnered in the past, in the context of this album it is simply un-necessary baggage. This is an album that stands alone and any artist of the last twenty five years would ache to have been able to produce it. From the opening track ‘Continental Drift’ the album errupts in an electric burst of vitality. Dissonant guitars swirl and take shape around Margot Timmins voice which has a richness and a confidence to drive the songs forward. Sometimes we need bands to defy conventions, to warp the templates, to buck the trends – if only so that when we prepare to listen to a new album for the first time we retain the ability to be surprised. With Sing In My Meadow prepare to be astounded. This is the product of band that is on a creative peak and we can only look forward to see where they take us next. A triumph.


    October 31st, 2011 at 8:26 pm

    Here in Brazil I’m tracking the critics, I liked the album, but then I’ll comment. Hugs and congratulations to all and clear all your families good health, happiness and good fortune. Margo a kiss and hugs to the boys.

  6. Patrick Fuller Says:

    November 8th, 2011 at 9:48 pm

    I”ll be short, and sweet – this is simply outstanding. As the band continues to evolve and push musical boundaries, listeners like me are constantly rewarded with complex, set still amazingly simple, tracks of music that flow effortlessly into one another.