Tour Diary – Parry Sound, Ont (June 29, 2012)

Today was an excellent day. Al found his trail; Pete and Marg found a path; Jeff found the water; Chris found his girlfriend; Jared found a new Bobby Orr shirt; and I found a few teeny-weeny, but ever so beautiful smallmouth bass. If you have never been to this part of our beautiful country, then you should visit (put it on your “bucket list” as they say….I detest that phrase). The Georgian Bay (Parry Sound is one of the Bays more active gateways) is a uniquely beautiful part of this world: standing on its rock, one feels in the presence of something enormous, powerful and overwhelming. Tonight’s gig was a fundraiser for the local hospital, put together by Joe Bamford, our bus company’s owner. Joe and his wife Fatima took us all out for dinner at a local restaurant before the gig (Glenn Burney Lodge) tucked away in a little bay, hidden by cedars and pines. I fished all afternoon, and a little in the evening and a little at night after the show, just off the rocks behind the theater. It was such a beautiful spot and there were lots of little guys that were game to play and, of course, always the promise that their big papa was cruising nearby. It was a beautiful little theater and a good audience and we had a very relaxed night on stage.
Unbelievably, I was having such a nice day on the rocks that I missed the Italy/Germany game. I saw a little bit of the second half and watched the Germans final push in extra time. I guess the German coach made a few controversial changes to the lineup and Balotelli was just too much to handle. Italy just seems to know how to win on the big stage, they move on to face Spain and at this point who dares guess what kind of game the final will be. I guess I’ll be rooting for Italy…I have to stick with my homeys (otherwise my house will be egged)….

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One Response to “Tour Diary – Parry Sound, Ont (June 29, 2012)”

  1. Reuben Says:

    June 30th, 2012 at 10:42 am

    What a beautiful evening for such a wonderful performance. We drove in from Oshawa, despite the fact that you’re scheduled to play at the GM Centre in a couple of weeks, but frankly we didn’t want to share you with John Mellencamp (no offense to John intended, but we felt selfish). So my wife and I drove up to Parry Sound and stayed at a lovely B&B, just a five minute walk from the theatre.

    The first set was lush and grand, and the sound was much improved after the first few songs (i.e. the volume was lowered a tad; it’s a small, 400-seat hall and doesn’t need much amplification). We ordered the 5-cd set online earlier that day, plus we’ve had ‘Demons’ since its release, so although the songs were largely unfamiliar, they were actually more exciting than the standards in the second set (almost). Jeff’s spacey mandolin produced some amazing sounds, Mike was attentive to the goings-on, the rhythm section was spot-on, and Margo was in full voice.

    During the intermission we went out behind the theatre with our ice cream and watched a most beautiful, massive, fiery-red sun set over the bay. By the time it ducked below the waterline, it was time for us to return to the theatre. And what a stunning theatre: sitting on the edge of the shoreline, the construction of timber and local stone made for some really stunning acoustics.

    Margo seemed very comfortable and her rapport with the audience was playful.. a few typically Canadian self-deprecating comments relaxed us all. Momentarily forgetting the lyrics to “Sweet Jane” made for an amusing moment, and somehow didn’t seem out of place, given the easy feeling in the audience. It felt to us as though you five were in our living room, playing for a few friends. The only thing missing was a glass of wine and a lap cat.

    Thank you all.