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Tour Diary – Newport, Rhode Island (August 4, 2012)

Monday, August 6th, 2012

We played the Newport Yacht Club tonight…or something like that…..our show was part of a summer long music festival that takes place on or beside the yacht clubs grounds. In any case, there were a lot of boats around: lots of really big boats. If you’re looking for your disposable income….I think I found it floating in Newport Harbour. The money in this town is astounding. The downtown tourist section, set on the waterfront, and right where we sat all day, is in immaculate shape, it could be (and probably has been) a movie set for a late 18th century New England period-piece. It’s all just a tad overwhelming, too much Hollywood and not enough Rhode Island. But we had a blast hanging out in the middle of it and I’d love to visit when it isn’t high tourist season. It was a stupidly hot and humid day…I think the cooling sea breezes were blocked by the private navy towering dockside: white and shiny and on the ready. Bless the people and the organizations and the government funding that goes into putting on these festivals: they are great for us touring bands.

We had a tough time on stage tonight. The venue was one of those large, white, semi-permanent tents that get put up on waterfronts throughout the Western World during the summer months. The sound frequencies were being difficult on and offstage…..I struggled all night, but who-knows, sometimes those shows register on an unexpected level (and sometime they just suck)…..despite our problems, the audience was, once again, terrific. We may have lost some bodies by the end of the show, but that’s the nature of these types of gigs. Those that stuck around were vocal, excited and having fun. It takes all kinds of towns to make up a country. This just happens to be a very wealthy one.


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Tour Diary – Plymouth, New Hampshire (August 3, 2012)

Saturday, August 4th, 2012

After the final show of the Mellencamp tour I headed back to Toronto for a day and then took off for the Adirondacks in search of my family. I spent ten days waking up early and floating around in a canoe amongst the weeds and mist. Each morning I watched the sun slowly climb above the mountains while I talked to the bass below who were, for the most part, friendly and accomodating. And now we’re back on the bus, it’s like we never left, perhaps we never did…I’ve seen movies like this, alternate realities, space/time continuum, etc….but I digress. This two week tour will take us mainly through the northern New England states; it’s one of our favourite spins through some of our favourite towns and venues. It’s almost like summer vacation…almost.

Our first stop is Plymouth New Hampshire, located in the beautiful White Mountains. Whenever I travel through this area I just want to stop moving, set up camp and take it all in. This is our first time in Plymouth which has a great feel; full of locally owned coffee shops and bookstores and restaurants. The venue, The Flying Monkey, is relatively new and they are trying to do it right. So far they have everything down; a large, comfortable dressing room; a nice size stage; great sightlines; and the staff is more than helpful and friendly. They still need to work a bit on the sound in the room, there is something about the PA that isn’t tuned right, which also affects the sound on-stage….it’s an easy fix with a bit of attention and time. We had an interesting night on stage: not your typical first night gig which is usually spent getting re-familiar with your instruments and gear. Tonight the music was loose, perhaps a little unfocused and it had a slightly anxious edge, but it had a good energy. The audience was incredible; boisterous and excited and ready to rock. We hope to make this room a regular stop on our journeys.

There was a river running out back of the venue so I stole an hour to walk on down to it. At home, I found a beautiful old rod that my Dad gave to me 40 years ago, which I’ve brought along on this run, and I also invested in a new reel. I wasn’t prepared for the upgrade in equipment and my first cast saw my rig take off, like a rocket, straight up and down the river bank and smack into the branches of a large oak tree. On the road again….

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CBC Studio 211 Live Session and New England Tour

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

It’s always hard to leave home, especially in the middle of the summer and especially after you have already been away from the family for the five weeks. The only way to make it all worthwhile is to play like demons and come off stage each night filled with that magical energy that only live music can provide…so that is what we plan to do over the next couple of weeks. And you should join us. We’ll be in Plymouth, New Hampshire tomorrow night, Newport, Rhode Island on Saturday and in NYC on Sunday and Monday. From there we hop all around New England. If you are on the fence about buying a ticket, then check out these two videos that we recorded for a CBC Studio 211 Session back in February. I think it will inspire you to come on out for a night of great music…man, that girl can sing….

See You Around:

I Cannot Sit Sadly By Your Side:

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