Tour Diary – Alexandria, VA (March 13 and 14, 2013)

When we arrived in Alexandria yesterday we were pummeled by a full-on Southern Rain. But it didn't matter, we all took to our rooms and most of us didn't re-appear until it was time to go to the venue this afternoon. This was our first non-moving bed in the last 12 days….pure luxury.

Two nights at The Birchmere…the first night was a Trinity night and the second night was the first time that we ever performed Black Eyed Man in its entirety. The Trinity night went like a dream. A very excited audience (especially for The Birchmere which can be a bit staid at times) and we played with a lot of energy and invention. It was an excellent night.

We have been working on the songs from Black Eyed Man for the past couple of weeks in soundcheck and have been playing a few of them each night. This is not an easy album to play…way too many chords. Songs like A Horse In The Country and Murder Tonight In The Trailer Park have been in our repertoire for decades, but about half of the material hasn't seen the stage in ten years. After listening to us in soundcheck for the past week Jared has decided to buy a clicker and keep track of the amount of mistakes that we make during the performance. The show went well. We only had one little train wreck during the bridge in The Last Spike, I lost track of where we were and then Al followed suit, and I also screwed up Jeff during the solo of Winter Song (we have never played this song live). There were a couple of other minor hic-ups but all-in-all I think we pulled it off. It wasn't the most relaxed show that we have ever done, but the challenge was exciting and it felt like the audience was in to the whole premise. A very succesful two nights.

We also had the pleasure of visits from the ghosts of Tour Managers past. Blair Woods and Craig Chapman were there for the first night and Mike Sponarski, who is in town with The Chieftains, came down after the show and kept us up all night. It's always fun reliving old campaigns with comrades in arms.


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3 Responses to “Tour Diary – Alexandria, VA (March 13 and 14, 2013)”

  1. Kelly Says:

    March 17th, 2013 at 10:26 am

    Priveleged to have been in the audience for Black Eyed Man – now even more so as I learn it was the first time y'all performed this live in its entirety. Recalling Margo's tale of how Townes made her feel, may I just share that all your music has kept me inspired through a great many miles (your version of To Live is To Fly was a dear friend when I served in Peace Corps and needed a lift on lonely days). Thanks for the show – and it was fun to witness an extra bit of history, a CJ show that didn't include (the sublime, beloved) Misguided Angel. Top that, Cookie Bob. :-)

  2. cookie bob Says:

    March 23rd, 2013 at 6:55 am

    Kelly It's true that is it unusual for the band not to play MIsguided Angel,but even more so that they also didn't play Sweet Jane the last night of Birchmere. It's very rare for both not to make an appearance. I've seen 76 shows over the years with no Misguided Angel. I'd have to dig deep to find out how often both Misguided and Jane have been absent. Hearing Black Eyed Man complete made this a must-see show for me!

  3. R & J Says:

    March 24th, 2013 at 6:15 am

    The night was magical, the venue perfect and all of you So So very much appreciated. We enjoyed the concert, the music, the company and the intimacy of the Birchmere. We were close enough to watch the continuous efforts of your Guitar tech and ourears were so rewarded with everything falling intotune like a pitch pipeworking properly. This will definately not be our last rodeo! Thank you!!! It was great and my girlfriend, Sweet Jane, met with you after the concert. We know that after pouring out such emotion you must be tired but it was such a pleasure to have a chance to talk. Thank you for that as well! Peace!!