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Happy 2013 everyone

Monday, December 31st, 2012

Well, that apocalypse wasn't too bad. I hope that everyone survived their various celebrations and generally emerged with smiles. Here is a beautiful little vignette, created by our talented friend and comrade in arms, Jeff Bird. It was shot during our most recent visits to the Iberian Peninsula. A very gentle way to kick off the New Year. You can check out more of Jeff's work at Thanks Jeff.

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Happy Holidays Everyone

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

Here's wishing you all a happy and safe holiday. We have a lot planned for the New Year, including a long list of tour dates that we are still adding to. First up will be the release (January 15th) of our good friend Lee Harvey Osmond's new album "The Folk Sinner". You can pre-order the album now and get four songs immediately including a beautiful duet with Margo. We'll be back in touch in a couple of weeks…be safe, have fun, love the one your with.

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Nomad Series book and vinyl back in stock

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Just letting you know that The Nomad Series book and vinyl box set are back in stock in our store. Sorry to those of you who were frustrated over the weekend trying to buy yourself a gift….For those of you who have bought the individual vinyl albums and would like a beautiful box to hold them in: you can buy just the box, which also has the Extras LP, live 12" EP and full booklet for just $30. Happy shopping.

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Nomad Series Book available

Friday, November 30th, 2012

The final chapter of the Nomad Series is finally off the press and in our store. The Nomad Series book is pretty darn gorgeous, please check out all the specs and then treat yourself to a very nice Christmas/Holiday/end-of-the-world present. Also now available is the Nomad Series vinyl box set. Only 200 have been manufactured and it too is a beautiful looking and sounding piece of work…definitely worth looking in to for the vinyl hound on your list.

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Off to Europe and Sing In My Meadow

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

We are off to Lisbon tonight and are looking forward to seeing our Portuguese and Italian friends over the next 10 days. These are tough times in Southern Europe and we hope to provide a much needed distraction, if only for a couple of hours. The rest of you please follow along on the Tour Diary which we'll be posting as we make our way through the chaos and the beauty.

In the meantime here is another excerpt from The Neighbours Dog:

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Spanish shows Cancelled

Friday, November 9th, 2012

Unfortunately there has been some coordination problems between us and our Spanish promoters and the two shows in Barcelona and Madrid have been cancelled. Anyone that has bought tickets will be able to get a full refund from the agent that they bought them from. More details about ticket refunds should be coming to you via the ticketing agent in the next few days.

We are so sorry about the cancellation. We know that times are tough in Spain these days and we looked forward to visiting your beautiful country and exciting cities and playing some music for you. We are determined to get back there soon.

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Europe here we come

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

We are off to Europe next week for a two week tour of Spain, Portugal and Italy….pretty tough, eh? We are very excited to see our Southern friends (and enjoy a bit of their weather and whatever else they have to offer). There may not be much money floating around those countries these days but there still isn't a better place in the world to spend time than Southern Europe.

Here is a video of a performance that we did in Germany two Novembers ago. It was 1:30am, we were the last act of a two day festival jammed in to a tiny venue and on a tiny stage, Alan had been in a coma all day having been stricken by strep throat and we were all feeling the effects of having spent the previous day in Christiania….a lazy, hazy, surreal performance. Enjoy.

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Live on The Neighbour’s Dog

Monday, October 15th, 2012

When we were out West this past Summer we visited our friends in Saskatoon to tape an episode of The Neighbour’s Dog. It was a fun day and an excellent night of music…and it was all captured beautifully by the film and audio crew. Here is a preview of the show which will air across Canada on October 21, 10pm (CST) on the following stations:

Across Canada on CTYS
Bell TV 266
Shaw Direct 31
Telus Satelite 266

Shaw Cable 7
Access 12
Max 19
Image Wirelss 28

MTS Cable 254

It will also be available online for thirty days after the showing on the CITYTV SASK website. We’ll provide you the link as soon as we have it. Enjoy.

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Amazon sale and Angels In The Wilderness video

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

Just a reminder that Amazon (US only) is selling the Nomad Series albums as a digital download for $5 until the end of August.

We hope that you are all coping with the end-of-summer/back-to-school stress. Here is a beautiful video for Angels In The Wilderness that Jeff put together using some of the thousands of images that he has captured over the past many years on the road: maybe this will help you cope. Enjoy.

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CBC Studio 211 Live Session and New England Tour

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

It’s always hard to leave home, especially in the middle of the summer and especially after you have already been away from the family for the five weeks. The only way to make it all worthwhile is to play like demons and come off stage each night filled with that magical energy that only live music can provide…so that is what we plan to do over the next couple of weeks. And you should join us. We’ll be in Plymouth, New Hampshire tomorrow night, Newport, Rhode Island on Saturday and in NYC on Sunday and Monday. From there we hop all around New England. If you are on the fence about buying a ticket, then check out these two videos that we recorded for a CBC Studio 211 Session back in February. I think it will inspire you to come on out for a night of great music…man, that girl can sing….

See You Around:

I Cannot Sit Sadly By Your Side:

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