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Miami Here We Come!

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

We’re playing a free, private show for our good friend Enrique Martinez Celaya at his studio in Miami on Thursday, December 3rd, at 9:30 pm, during the Miami Art Basel Exhibition. He’s been kind enough to invite the public to the show. (We collaborated with Enrique on XX, our fancy 20th anniversary coffee-table book.)

Whale & Star
2215 NW First Place
Miami, FL 33127

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Vienna, VA – Blacksburg, VA – Black Mountain, NC (Oct 14 – 16, 2009)

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

 The Barns at Wolftrap

A cold, rainy day in Virginia, spent on the grounds of Wolftrap. The rain kept us inside.

A beautiful venue tonight (The Barns at Wolftrap) with a completely wood beam interior and a top of the line sound system. It was also a sold out venue. Unfortunately we didn’t have a very good night on-stage.  Sometimes even the most beautiful sounding venues (and this was a very nice sounding room) have sound issues on stage.  We just couldn’t find each other.  It may have come off ok in the venue (Jared said that it sounded great out front) but it was a tough night on stage.  The audience was also a little reticent: whether it was due to our own reticence on stage or an audience that wasn’t getting what they expected, or didn’t even know what to expect when they bought the tickets…who knows. The odd thing is that I’ve noticed that the audiences at The Birchmere, which is very close to here, have a similar standoffishness (almost as reserved as a roomful of Canadians). I always thought it was that venue, but maybe it’s a DC audience thang. I’ll have to investigate further.  In any case it was a disappointing night for us.

The Common

Another rainy day. We seemed to have used up all of our good weather karma. This was our first time in Blacksburg and it would have been nice to explore a little bit, but I didn’t have the energy to fight the cold and the rain. I did manage a brief walk through the Virginia Tech campus in between rain showers. It’s a spectacularly large campus. Right in the middle of the campus is the enormous Commons area, which was built around (or near) Drapers Meadow the site of a particularly nasty mid 1700s slaughter of early settlers at the hands of some locals. One of the settlers was decapitated and his head was delivered to the neighboring settlement as a warning. Sometimes it’s hard to not believe that demons, evil spirits, inhabit a particular place and are waiting to let their presence be known.   

Another sold out show and a great sounding theater. The audience tonight was amazing, definitely the best one on this tour: lots of give and take, we had a great show. It was certainly the most fun that we have had on stage in the past couple of weeks. We will definitely be back.

After the show the streets of this town were filled with young sorority girls and their fraternity pals selling pancakes, drunk out of their collective skulls.

LEAF campground

The final day of the tour and we find ourselves on a mountainside in North Carolina at the LEAF festival. A full on pitch-the-tent- break-out-the-tie-die-time-to-sell-the-jewelry-that-I’ve-been-making-in- my-basement- lets- pray-for-lots-of-mud-how-many-types-of-massages-can-I-get-in-a-day-where’s-my-hoola-hoop hippie fest.  It’s a beautiful location for a festival and its definitely fulfilling a need in these parts, because the weekend is sold out.  Unfortunately the weather is probably a little colder than the norm for this time of year, but that didn’t seem to dampen the spirits of the campers. The festival has the feel of a very large extended family reunion. It’s obvious that this is an annual ritual for many. Overall a very laid back vibe


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Tour Dates Updated

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

We have added October 2009 shows in Lexington, MI; Three Oaks, MI; Ann Arbor, MI; Pittsburgh, PA; Carrboro, NC; Lewisburg, WV (our third Carnegie Hall!!!); South Orange, NJ; Easton, MD; Vienna, VA; Blacksburg, VA; and Black Mountain, NC.

We are also going to be in Quebec in November 2009: Montreal; Sherbrooke; Quebec City; Rouyn Noranda; and Val d’Or.

Check out the TOUR tab above for further information.

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Vancouver Show Cancellation

Monday, July 20th, 2009

We just received word that the show in Vancouver Tuesday night has been cancelled by the promoter. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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