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Tour Diary – Atlanta, GA (March 8, 2013)

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

Today was a good day. We felt the sun on our skin for the first time in a few months, while we wandered around Little Five Points with all our hippie, rasta, punk and goth friends. A perfect day to display ones new tattoo or piercing or, for the less flamboyant, a perfect day to just absorb some vitamin D.

Little Five Points and the Variety Playhouse has become our home in Atlanta over the past few years. The theater is in need of a good cleaning and a little TLC, but for some reason we have always had good shows here. This city has always been good to us. In the early days, when we were traveling around these parts in a van, we often found ourselves stranded in Atlanta while we waited for the next gig. We were always welcomed in strangers’ homes and shown nothing but good ole Southern hospitality. We saw Townes Van Zandt for the first time in Atlanta at a small folk club. It was my birthday and he was doing two shows, so we paid to get in to the first one and somehow made ourselves inconspicuous so that we could catch the second show for free. A few years later we were traveling around the country in a bus with Townes along for the ride. So we like it here, there is a reason that Atlanta gets a call-out in the first line of 200 More Miles.

Tonight was a “Trinity” show, our third one on this run, and I think we finally figured out how to approach the material: with a quiet intensity. We had a great night and the audience, as usual in this town, was fantastic.

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Just in Time for Holiday Gift-Giving

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Lots of new shows in March-April-May 2013. Concert tickets make great gifts for the hard-to-please! We're looking forward to being back in Westhampton Beach, NY; Atlanta, GA; Annapolis, MD; Sellersville, PA; Alexandria, VA; Newark, NJ; Tarrytown, NY; Medicine Hat, AB; Cochrane, AB; St. Albert, AB; Banff, AB; Whitehorse, YK; Vancouver, BC; Seattle, WA; Spokane, WA; Bend, OR; San Francisco, CA; Saratoga, CA; and L'Assomption, QC. More details here.

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Tour Diary – July 23 – 24, 2010

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

the stage

Day 6 – Asheville, NC: It was a very bumpy and uncomfortable ride through the mountains last night. No one got much sleep. Tim and I took any early morning walk through the streets of Asheville and found an exceptional breakfast at the Early Girl Eatery. Today was day one of a three day street festival in downtown Asheville. It’s a huge affair and we are in direct competition. Margo and I did a short set at the local radio station.  It was hot as a @#*he%#uc%&r. We had a pretty decent turnout tonight despite all of the free stuff going on outside. We love this place, this town, this club. We had a fun, we played loose with lots of energy. An excellent crowd despite the small gaggle of geese near the bar that Margo had to quiet down. Playing for an audience like this is what makes touring worthwhile.


Day 7 – Atlanta, GA: We spent the morning in a hotel parking lot in downtown Atlanta. Jared and I decided to kill some time and we set off for the new-ish Georgia Aquarium. The line-up to get in was stretching out the door and winding along the treeless plaza, so we headed back to the bus. It is freakin’ hot…no metaphor or simile is needed. Throughout the week we have been watching bits and pieces of 2012 on satellite TV. This morning we filled in the few missing pieces. You all should know that it doesn’t end with a whimper, but a bang. Once we got settled in behind the venue (The Variety Playhouse), next to the stinky dumpsters, I did the obligatory stumbling around the Little Five Points area. There was a Cake Boss marathon on the satellite this afternoon, so we partook. What a bizarre premise for a show. We figure that one could create an excellent reality TV show (in the Cake Boss mode) set around a tour manager:  following him or her through their day and watching them deal with all of the hic-ups that occur. You could even have different bands guest starring as the tour manager moves from tour to tour. That is now a copyrighted idea so if you want to develop it you need to contact me first. We had another very good show tonight. It started off a little bit shaky but gathered steam as it went along. Another excellent crowd helped us to focus. We needed them tonight , it was show number six in seven nights…and did I mention how hot it was…..

We fly home tomorrow. The rest of the Summer and September (between time off with our families) will be dedicated to finishing off Demons, Volume 2 of The Nomad Series. We are aiming to have it available on the site by late October. In the meantime I’ll be posting a lot more stuff about Renmin Park and we’ll also start to post some of the work that we are doing on Demons. So check back often (or join us on Facebook or put us in your RSS feed). We’ll be back on the road in October, in the meantime, have a safe and fun Summer.

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June & July Tour Dates

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Our plans for June and July are coming together. Still a few more dates to add, but we’ll be in Memphis, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Houston, Dallas, Austin, Albuquerque, Scottsdale, Salt Lake City and Arvada, CO, in June. And Camden, Annapolis, Knoxville, Asheville and Atlanta in July. Click here for more details.

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