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Tour Diary – Spokane, WA (April 28, 2013)

Tuesday, April 30th, 2013

I really like this town. There is something unexpected about it. In the middle of seemingly nowhere is this very cool little oasis that the Spokanians have built up. The river that runs through Spokane is all the reason that one needs to put down roots here. And to the towns credit they have spent some money on a park along the river side and lots of money on pedestrian bridges spanning this raging monster. I think it would be very hard to become too complacent about ones place in the world if you had to walk across this torrent every day (and that's a good thing). I don't know if it rages like this year round, I kind of doubt it, but it still must be pretty impressive. It's beautiful.

We did a Trinity show tonight, the only one on this tour. I thought it went exceptionaly well….we are just beginning to learn how to play this album.

JASON LENT FOLLOWED OUR TOUR BUS BACK IN 2011 AND SUPPLIED US WITH HIS TOUR DIARY. HE WILL BE DOING THE SAME FOR THE COMING WEEK. HERE IS JASON'S SPOKANE DIARY.Awoke to the slow Seattle rain. As the road climbed through the mountains, sheets of snow stretched in every direction before we descended to the high plains of Eastern Washington where fierce winds pushed us on to Spokane. Like the wind, the river cutting through these parts is wild and untamed. Raging through downtown, it gives an otherwise bland urban landscape some character.

Wandering into the small theater late in the afternoon, I was confronted by a gackle of nuns as a Catholic priest had just wrapped up an afternoon recital. One peak at the band's gear still unset on stage told me the venue was way behind in the day and the band and crew were in for a challenge to get the room ready before doors opened. I opted to bar hop downtown while they sorted out the cables and mics.

Tonight's performance was the lone Trinity Session performance on this run. Given the tight schedule, the band stuck with what works in the first set mirroring last night's Nomad playlist. After intermission, Margo stepped to the mic and delivered "Mining For Gold" to an appreciative room. Hearing an album in its entirety can be bumpy live. The song order on record rarely matches the flow of a live set. The band seems to have figured out Trinity with an acoustic "To Love Is To Bury" anchoring the set. Lovely night. 

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Just in Time for Holiday Gift-Giving

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Lots of new shows in March-April-May 2013. Concert tickets make great gifts for the hard-to-please! We're looking forward to being back in Westhampton Beach, NY; Atlanta, GA; Annapolis, MD; Sellersville, PA; Alexandria, VA; Newark, NJ; Tarrytown, NY; Medicine Hat, AB; Cochrane, AB; St. Albert, AB; Banff, AB; Whitehorse, YK; Vancouver, BC; Seattle, WA; Spokane, WA; Bend, OR; San Francisco, CA; Saratoga, CA; and L'Assomption, QC. More details here.

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Tour Diary – Spokane, WA Eagle, ID and Missoula, MT (July 23, 24 and 25)

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

Spokane, WA,  Eagle, ID and Missoula, MT (July 23, 24 and 25)

spokane falls

We have never been through Spokane before. We’re not quite sure why we’ve missed it because it seems to be a happening little city. The cab driver that I had today said that the city has had a healthy growth spurt in the past few years, picking off some of the corporations from Portland and Seattle that are trying to reduce some costs. The city has a very mid-western vibe to it; clean wide streets, solid four story brick buildings, a citizenry very aware of pedestrian signals. I’ve never gotten more consistent flack for walking against signals, even with no cars in sight. Cars come to a complete stop if you step off the curb when it’s not your turn; some old man threatened to run me down with his pick-up truck if I ever tried to walk against a light again. It must be a reaction to the methamphetamine problem in these parts, control what you can, come down hard on any and all law breakers. In any case, it seems like a decent place.

Tonight was our first true theater gig of this run, a beautifully renovated Fox Theater no less. We had great sound on stage, great sound in the theater, and a very receptive audience. It’s always fun to play the outdoor venues in the summer but they really aren’t the best venues for the type of music we perform. We usually end up fighting the sound on stage and the dynamics and subtleties of the performance are often lost. It takes a theater gig like this to remember what we are all about.

spokane stage

We are somewhere outside of Boise today, if you are interested in finding us on the map, because I’m not sure you’ll be able to find Eagle, Idaho.  The venue is the Wood River Winery: a tract of land in the middle of potato country, on the edge of a housing development, that’s been turned into a vineyard…this ain’t the Napa Valley. But the owners are trying hard and have gussied the place up with a fountain, some arbours, lots of vegetation and a few Botchie Ball courts (go figure) and apparently the wine is pretty good too (although I suspect that it has been shipped in from California and rebottled…just kidding). We were treated extremely well and if it weren’t for the 97 degree temperature it would have been a decent place to hang out for the day. Despite the heat, Jeff and Al had a raging game of Botchie Ball, with Jeff coming out on top.

If the gig in Spokane was an example of sculpting a set of music with a set of fine carving tools then tonight was the equivalent of sculpting with a chainsaw. It was a Friday night crowd in the middle of July and they wanted to whoop it up and who can blame them…so we whooped it up. Not exactly my favourite type of set to play. Usually one just needs to give in to it and go with the flow, but tonight was difficult because of how tired we all are. One more show, one more very long drive.

idaho grapes

This country gets very big out here. The drives get longer, more scenic, but longer. At least we are in a bus, which is difficult enough; the Son Volt band and crew are in a van, which is real dedication and real work.

I don’t think we’ve been to Missoula Montana before. We weren’t anywhere near the center of town today so I never really got a feel for the place, but it’s surrounded by a whole lot of beautiful open space. I wouldn’t want to live here, but every time we come through this part of the country it makes me want to start planning an extended road trip with my family. It’s just such a beautiful part of the world and it would be nice to take some time rolling through it.

Tonight was a nice way to end the tour: a sold out show in a decent, functional theater on the University of Montana campus. It’s been a grind and we are all running on fumes but we dug deep into our reserves tonight and had a decent show. By the end of it we were sputtering but we made it thanks to a very good audience. It’s been a fun run of dates and although the promoters would argue that the co-bill wasn’t as successful at the box office as they would have hoped, from our point of view it has been a good experience. It’s been a pleasure to listen to Son Volt every night and it’s always a pleasure to be on the West coast in the summer. We head home tomorrow to spend the rest of the summer with our families and to continue to chip away at the new album. There will be some intriguing offers being made through our website in the next month so check back in every now and then, better yet, get on our mailing list so that we can let you know what is going on. Keep safe and enjoy the rest of your summer.

boise stage


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