Over the years I have worked on dozens of albums and one-off special projects as a musician, engineer, producer and mixer and I have also been involved in many more mastering and mixing sessions. I have worked with some of the most talented and original “ears and knob twisters” in the biz, including John Leckie, Chris Lord-Algee, Bob Ludwig, T-Bone Burnett, Pat McCarthy, Peter Moore, John Keane, Greg Calbi, Jobie Baker, Daryl Smith, Jeff Wolpert and many more. This hands-on experience has given me invaluable insight in to producing, recording, sound shaping. For me, it all boils down to one principle tenant: “performance is king”. It's my job as producer to create an atmosphere so that the artist can perform and flourish and its my job as engineer to capture that performance. The Hangar has been designed and the gear slowly accumulated with an eye to making good on all that experience: a space to hang out, feel relaxed, experiment and make inspired music. Here are just a few of the albums that I've produced/recorded and/or mixed over the past two or three years. If you have any questions please get in touch with me directly at - Michael Timmins -


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Lee Harvey Osmond - The Folk Sinner

Release Date: 2013


“Lee Harvey Osmond has just set the bar to an unthinkable apex for 2013 with the release of The Folk Sinner.” - Spill Magazine

“...Michael Timmins is careful never to crowd a song: all extraneous elements hover around the atmosphere, leaving the focus on the spare rhythms and Wilson’s commanding, though subtle, presence....It’s far too early to begin compiling a best of 2013 list, but The Folk Sinner is a good start.” - The Guelph Daily Mercury

The Kennedy Suite

Release Date: 2013


“Michael Timmins and his Junkies conspire with a who’s who of Canadian indie music to transform the JFK assassination into a brilliant roots-rock opera/concept album.” – Sun Media (4 1/2 Stars)

“ ...a poignant song cycle created by Toronto poet Scott Garbe, produced by Cowboy Junkies' Michael Timmins.... It adds up to an audacious statement that musically conjures memories of '90s CanRock glory.” - Exclaim (9/10)

Jerry Leger - Early Riser

Release Date: 2014


Jerry Leger – Early Riser “What we hear on Early Riser is the sound of a good singer-songwriter making the leap into great territory, and mostly sticking the landing.....Credit should go to producer Michael Timmins, whose ear for rich melody and honest vocals is legendary in Canada's roots music circles (and beyond), for finding just the right sonic landscape for Leger's songs.....Timmins knows singer-songwriters, is what I'm saying. In Leger, he's found one of Canada's best.” - Exclaim 8/10

“Early Riser is Jerry Leger’s best album yet. Sure, we said something similar about his last one, Some Folks Know, but they just keep getting better.....Leger found a sympathetic producer in Michael Timmins, and the record is well-developed without veering into slickness...” - NOW NNNN

Mary Gauthier - The Foundling

Release Date: 2010


“This time out, Gauthier chose to work with Michael Timmins of the Cowboy Junkies, and she has finally found a producer up to the challenge of presenting her music in the best possible light.... for the first time she’s been given a sympathetic soundscape that elevates her music and gives room for the emotions she expresses to roam and expand. Resting somewhere between rough and polished...Gauthier has achieved a musical context that is as profound and satisfying as the songs she sings.” - No Depression

Cowboy Junkies - Renmin Park

Release Date: 2010


“What he (Michael Timmins) has produced is so charged and inventive, it’s like listening to Beck if he’d been hanging out with Neil Young, Nick Cave and a gentle,plaintive singer form the Beijing Opera – and that works, trust me.” - MOJO (4 stars)

Ivy Mairi - No Talker

Release Date: 2012


“....this superb sophomore outing confirms her potential. Cowboy Junkies main man Michael Timmins has been rather a mentor to Mairi, and he again takes the producer's chair, executing that role with restraint and clarity.... a sterling achievement.” - Exclaim

“It’s a grower of an album that gets better and better with repeat listens.” - NOW (#6 of top 10 local albums of 2012)

Sing In My Meadow

Release Date: 2011

“Sing In My Meadow is arguably the most radical release of the Nomad Series, both from a sonic and songwriting standpoint, although diehard fans won't be surprised by the album's overall grinding, psychedelic vibe.” - Exclaim

“Bring the noise....down ’n’ dirty with a gnarly set of late-night psychedelic blues.... Outstanding in its field.” - Sun Media (4 stars)

Cowboy Junkies - Demons

Release Date: 2011


“....the band interpret each track with their usual finesses, capturing Chesnutt’s spirit in soulful Southern swing and gently psychedelic guitar.” - MOJO (4 stars)

“Magnificent, layered and sagely arranged versions of tunes written by the late, lamented Vic Chesnutt.” - Daily Mirror (4 stars)

Cowboy Junkies - The Wilderness

Release Date: 2012


“The stripped-down acoustic sound resonates with understated power, with Michael Timmins intricate arrangements brought to life by his sister Margo’s warm, haunting vocals.” - The Daily Mail (UK)

“Michael Timmins explores loss and loneliness with austere clarity warmed by a steady glow of humanity and tinder dry sparks of humour...A masterclass in lo-fi longing.” - Daily Telegraph (5 Stars)

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