Happy New Year! New Dakota dates and other exciting details…

Hope everybody had a relaxing holiday season…we took some time in the Huron camp to get away from seeing each others’ faces for a couple weeks. I must say it’s been a long time since I went three weeks without strapping an electric guitar to my body (though I did take some time to sit at the steel, and picked up my acoustic guitar for a change),  so when we reconvened this week to rehearse it was a lot of fun.  We even bashed out a fun cover to add to the Dakota sets this time around.

Speaking of which, we’re back at the Dakota Tavern on Wednesdays in January and February, playing our own set and also backing our pal Sir Ian. You probably already know that Ian produced our record (which you should be currently hearing from the widget at right -> and passing along to every living soul you know), but that’s really a drop in the bucket compared to all the other cool shit he’s done. His record Happy Endings is awesome and these Dakota nights have been a real treat. The four of us in Huron end up on stage for almost three hours each night, the rock just doesn’t stop. We’re really happy that the turnouts were so good in November and we’re looking forward to eight more weeks of awesome.

As for other exciting details…there are none fit for print at this time. Soon, I promise.

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