The LP’s are here! Also new Feb/March dates – Hammer, Brantford, Montreal, Peterborough, Ottawa, Toronto

So our LP’s arrive last week, and I must say they’re looking sharp…we went a little fancy and got the 180 gram records, and put in a little extra photo collage that’s not in the CD version. If you’re a vinyl junkie like me you’ll wanna pick one up. I’ll admit I’ve been sitting around the house listening to it here and there because it sounds so good. Please excuse the crude nature of this Blackberry photograph:

right arm, eh

right arm, eh

Also wanted to keep you informed of some new dates we’ve added…in short order you’ll be able to see all of our upcoming dates on the site here, but in the meantime lemme lay them out for you:

Friday February 26 at This Ain’t Hollywood, Hamilton (CFMU Fundraiser)
Saturday February 27 at Divan Orange, Montreal (w Hollerado)
Friday March 12 at Silver Dollar, Toronto (CMW)
Saturday March 13 at Two Doors Down, Brantford (w Ascot Royals)
Thursday March 18 at Montreal House, Peterborough (w Cuff the Duke)
Friday March 19 at Maverick’s, Ottawa (w Cuff the Duke)
Saturday March 20 at Lee’s Palace, Toronto (w Cuff the Duke)

…and of course I should mention that we’re still going to be at the Dakota in Toronto every Wednesday until the end of February. It’s been an awesome residency, we’ve had so much fun.

Now, shortly after all of that comes the moment we’ve all been waiting for – our record will be coming out officially on March 23, thanks to our hombres at Latent, in partnership with the fine people at Fontana North Distribution. We’ll waste no time hitting the road again to convey the rock unto the people of Canada – watch this space for the announcement of a whole slew of Spring dates in the next couple weeks. We’re coming for you, Ontario. All of you.

I’d better go start packing my gear for Dakota tonight…I will leave you with a couple videos from our residency there, shot by Dirk Fimbob (his real name, I assure you).

Hope this works…here we are doing King & Country

Also Corktown

And for good measure, here we are during Ian’s set doing the Grand Funk Railroad tune Sin’s A Good Man’s Brother

Happy Endings do Grand Funk

Thanks for reading..

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