Horseshoe cancellation

Folks, we’re so sorry, but we’re not gonna be able to play Tuesday night at the Horseshoe. For those of you who were out Saturday night at Lee’s Palace, you heard how Cam was struggling with his voice…there’s just no way he’s gonna have it back by Tuesday, and there’s no way we’d wanna play without him being able to sing for you. We’re super bummed because our record is finally out on Tuesday and it was gonna be a bit of an unofficial CD release, but that’ll just have to wait until next time…

…which incidentally, is Saturday April 10 at Lee’s Palace, with our pals The Spades! They’re releasing their new disc on Tuesday as well so it’s only fitting that we join them on that bill. Wicked band and good buds of ours. We really hope to see you then, Torontonians! In the meantime, we’ll be back in Peterborough, Ottawa, Montreal, Kingston, Windsor and Brantford over the next few weeks.

See you out on the road…

(the) Huron (boys)

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