summer in the city?

hey you crazy cats

well it seems i have  survived the summer round of junkie touring once again.  It was great to see many of your smiling faces  again and to meet some new  ones .  I like to think of that july tour as the “hot and high an low tour.”

Hottest temp 112 in mesa az

highest  point  11000 ft at snowbird ut

lowest point -21 ft in the deserts of southern california

how does the body survive?

taking the rest of the summer off for some cottage time  “sleep eat swim read repeat”




SEPT 13 2009  1:15 pm    outside front entrance of St Georges Church in beautiful downtown Guelph.

My good friend and longtime colleague SCOTT MERRITT and i have concocted a festive spectacle for your entertainment and  wonderment

it involves three separtate bands, complete with parade queens, converging on the St Georges Church bell tower (played by moi “sanctuary”)

fun for the whole family

hope to see you there

carry on


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