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Friday, October 26th, 2012

hey you crazy cats

here is a much belated anouncement for a recording of a live show I put on a couple of years ago at the Riverrun centre in beautiful downtown Guelph.

I have always wanted to incorporate my video and photgraphic work into a show and this provided me with the perfect opportunity.

The music was drawn from the DEEP BREATHING and RINK catalogue with some new addtions as well.

I enlisted some of my favorite players to help me out: RANDALL CORYELL on drums, WITEK GRABOWIEKI on piano and accordion, Junkie alumnus JARO CZERWINEC on accordion and my old rock pal HARRI PALM running the video and samples. All music, and some of the video was improvised following minimal musical and visual structures.  The result is some of the most  beautiful and sensitive playing I have had the privelage of recording. 

Check it out.




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