‘Early Riser’ turns 1!

Wow, time flies, EARLY RISER is already a year old! It's been a great 12 months and I wanna thank all of the folks out there who bought it in form or another. Appreciate the support! I also wanna thank those who were involved in the recording and production: Michael Timmins, my band; James McKie, Dan Mock & Kyle Sullivan, Aaron Comeau, Jeff Heisholt, Darcy Hepner, Carleigh Aikins, Tamara Lindeman, Ivy Mairi, Andy Maize, Peter Moore, Daniel Romano and Ken Beattie.

You can purchase it on LP: http://www.maplemusic.com/product.asp?dept_id=2926&pf_id=2925-10&lang=EN

                                  CD: http://www.maplemusic.com/product.asp?dept_id=2926&pf_id=4450-664&lang=EN

                          DIGITAL: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/early-riser/id897579541


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10 Years Ago this Month, I went into the studio for two days and recorded the 1st album

I'm usually not this reflective, nor have I ever written a post like this but it just crossed my mind that this month marks 10 years since I recorded the first album. I was 19 years old and went into Joe Dunphy's old Monumental studio (which used to be a meat packing plant). It was recorded in two days, live off the floor with minimal overdubs. This would be the way I would record all my albums, keeping things as live as possible. Tim Bovaconti produced it and he was the first person to really take an interest in what I was doing, from the moment we met when I was sneaking into bars at 17. He's still one of the greatest human beings I've ever known and we've made some great records together. I value his friendship immensely.On the debut album, I had fellow 19 year old, Kyle Sullivan on drums and The Situation's first bass player, Corey Stinson (fantastic creative player and person).We had only been a band for about 6 months, so, it has this real piss and vinegar sound to it, which I still like.Kyle and I are still playing together, he's been on all 7 studio releases and the live album. We've spent our whole 20's playing music together, which is unbelievable and beautiful. He's definitely (like Bovaconti, Dan Mock, James McKie) a brother in music and one of my best friends. He's always, always fought away the darkness when I became disillusioned.

I want to say thank you to all the musicians that I've played with and all the friends and supporters of the music, the band and myself throughout the last 10 years. That is something very important. The non supporters and distractors are also very important, so I thank them as well. There's something to be said about following, chasing and sometimes being able to live your dream, to which level doesn't
really matter to me.Well, tonight I'll be playing Castro's Lounge with Dan Mock, Kyle Sullivan and Tim Bovaconti, which basically was our Cavern and it remains a very fun night, where we still continue to try out new tunes, be adventurous and I value that. Much thanks must go to Anthony Greene at Castro's who was also a huge early supporter and continues to be a great friend. I could go on and on mentioning folks that have been and are still important to me but for now I wanted to just reflect on a decade ago. Time flies.
Anyway, I'm excited to see what the next 10 years brings.
Photo of Kyle and I by Tim Bovaconti.

The debut album was simply called 'Jerry Leger & The Situation'. You can still buy the CD here: http://www.maplemusic.com/product.asp?dept_id=2926&pf_id=2925-01&lang=EN
 and iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/jerry-leger-situations/id120175303?uo=4

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Exclaim! announces Canadian tour dates, 7″ to be released and we cover Bob Dylan!

Hey folks,

A lot happening in our world with a bunch of Canadian dates, a split 7" with Graham Nicholas. The songs we recorded were specifically written for the project. More details to follow on that. Also, as part of Latent's "Under Cover" series, Cowboy Junkies offer up a version of Bob Dylan's "If You Gotta Go, Go Now", while we recorded his 80's hidden gem, "Heart of Mine". It's free to download, just follow this link and enter your email:  http://undercover.latentrecordings.com/march/

Check out the Exclaim! article here which includes a full list of tour dates:  http://exclaim.ca/Music/article/jerry_leger_announces_canadian_tour_covers_bob_dylan

Check out this beautiful design by Pearl Rachinsky,

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New Southern Souls video for “Early Riser”

Take a look at the new Southern Souls video for the title track of the current LP, 'EARLY RISER'. Filmed by Mitch Fillion. Share with a friend!

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“Canadian singer-songwriter drenched in talent.” AmericanaUK review of ‘Early Riser’.

Maurice Hope reviews 'Early Riser' in AmericanaUK, ends the review stating "Leger needs to get himself over here, sooner the better!". We're working on it. Read the whole article here: http://www.americana-uk.com/cd-reviews/item/jerry-leger-early-riser

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Small Talk with Southern Souls

I recently did a Q & A with Mitch Fillion at Southern Souls. Read it HERE:


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“Favorite Discoveries of the last week” – Paste Magazine

Thanks to Sean Moeller for listing me as "one of my favorite discoveries of the last week" recently in Paste Magazine!

Go to the MERCH page for links to purchase 'Early Riser' on CD or LP. You can also download it via iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/early-riser/id849999915

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Download Neil Young Covers by Jerry Leger & Cowboy Junkies!

Here's the 2nd edition of Latent Recordings Under Cover series. This month, Cowboy Junkies and Jerry Leger & The Situation cover two classic Neil Young songs.
To get your FREE downloads, follow the link below and enter your email:



This is part two of our newly launched Under Cover feature. Every month we be offer free downloads of two cover songs: one recorded by Cowboy Junkies and another recorded by a Latent artist. We are running this feature off of the Latent Recordings Facebook page. All you need to do is go to the page, click the Under Cover link and follow the prompts.

We recorded Cortez The Killer during the Early 21st Century Blues sessions. It fit in well with the album themes of war, violence, fear and greed that we were exploring on that album. It never made the final cut but, we always liked that it had the appropriate looseness that a song like this deserves. The guitars don't quite match up to Neil's and Pancho's, but brother John and I gave it the old college try and we had fun doing it…it was like we were back in our basement in Montreal playing air guitar as Zuma spun on the turntable. 

Jerry Leger and his band came in to The Hangar to record a few cover songs a couple of months ago. They have a hundred of them in their repetoire…literally. Wonderin is an obscure Neil song off of the Shocking Pinks rock n roll album that he released as a "fuck you" to Geffen Records back in the 80's. It's a great band doing a great version of a rarely covered song. I think that it sounds like an outake from Workingman's Dead…there is a great loping feel to it. this is what Jerry says about the song, "Wonderin' is just a good old fashioned rock 'n' roll song. It's hard to write one of those and make it work and I think Neil Young pulled it off even though it's a bit of a hidden tune. The chorus has fantastic lyrical rhythm and the song opens with a good line, "Been walking all night long, my footsteps made me crazy". 

If you don't have Jerry's latest release, Early Riser, please check it out and take a listen…I had the pleasure of producing it, it's a terrific album.

– See more at: http://latentrecordings.com/cowboyjunkies/#sthash.3Uv4OdCY.dpuf

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Opening for Doug Paisley tomorrow night! Then Peterborough on Saturday.

Hey folks, I'll be doing an opening set for Doug Paisley and Jenny Whiteley tomorrow night at The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto. I'll be joined by James McKie on fiddle and Dan Mock on upright bass. Doors at 9pm and we're on a little after that. Saturday night, I'll be found at The Red Garnet. I'll be playing tunes with Andrew Barker of Bruce Peninsula on lap steel. Doors are at 10pm for that show. Check out the TOUR page for more info. Have a grand weekend!

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New Southern Souls video for “One More Bad Penny”

Take a look at the brand new Southern Souls video for "One More Bad Penny" from the album, 'Early Riser'

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