Review of Hillside Festival show

From The Panic Manual:

“I am a big Blackie and the Rodeo Kings fan, and I was really looking forward to BARK member Stephen Fearing’s solo set during Hillside. However, I’d somehow forgotten that other BARK member Tom Wilson was touring a new band. So while wandering aimlessly on Friday night, trying to find a band in the lineup I knew, I stumbled upon Lee Harvey Osmond on the Island Stage and managed to recognize not only Wilson on vocals, but Fearing sitting in on guitar. So I made myself comfortable and was rewarded with my favourite set of Hillside’s Friday night, and one of the best sets of the weekend. The band played a rendition of Junkhouse’s “Shine,” one of the tunes that made Wilson big in the Canadian music scene, that brought me right back to high school, and closed their set by bringing Neil Young’s sister Astrid (pictured above with Wilson) on stage for a terrific cover of Neil’s “Are you Ready for the Country.” This is a band I’ll be seeing again sometime.”

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