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So we have had a wonderful start to our fall tour. We began in Guelph and followed that up with shows in Waterloo, London, Toronto (at the venerable Glenn Gould Studio) and Peterborough.

We have had 2 new people join us (Jessy Bell Smith and Paul MacLeod) on the Ontario shows, They have been a wonderful addition to the band and it’s been a joy to play with them both. They have added quite a wonderful sound to the band by adding new vocal harmonies and adding little more sonic depth with some electric guitar.

This is the first set of shows that we have incorporated the use of in ear monitors. It has definitely proven a little challenging technically (making sure everyone can hear everything properly) but they are ultimately great and will definitely help us put on an even better show!

As we are touring to promote The Truth About Us: A Twenty Year Retrospective … how about I leave you with a little taste of the album and the live show.

Hope to see you at one of the upcoming shows!

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