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Welcome to The Hangar, the recording studio owned by Cowboy Junkies/Latent Recordings and operated by Michael Timmins, Cowboy Junkies songwriter/guitar player/producer. Michael is the in-house engineer for the studio as well as being available for hire as a producer/engineer and/or mixer for your project. Our goal is to provide a comfortable, well equipped, great sounding, musician orientated studio at an affordable price point: a place to create and record inspired music without the pressure of watching the clock.

The Hangar is located in the dynamic Roncesvalles area of downtown Toronto and is steps away from; the Dundas, College and Roncesvalles streetcars; the Dundas West subway stop; and the (soon to be) Bloor Go Train stop. It is also a five minute drive from the Gardiner Expressway. There are dozens of restaurants, pubs, cafes and deli’s within a few minutes walking distance of the studios front door. Most importantly, the studio is a phone call away from a phenomenal array of musicians, who are accessible, willing and always excited to dive head-first in to whatever recording project comes their way.

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Over the years I have worked on dozens of albums and one-off special projects as a musician, engineer, producer and mixer and I have also been involved in many more mastering and mixing sessions. I have worked with some of the most talented and original “ears and knob twisters” in the biz, including John Leckie, Chris Lord-Algee, Bob Ludwig, T-Bone Burnett, Pat McCarthy, Peter Moore, John Keane, Greg Calbi, Jobie Baker, Daryl Smith, Jeff Wolpert and many more. This hands-on experience has given me invaluable insight in to producing, recording, sound shaping. For me, it all boils down to one principle tenant: “performance is king”. It’s my job as producer to create an atmosphere so that the artist can perform and flourish and its my job as engineer to capture that performance. The Hangar has been designed and the gear slowly accumulated with an eye to making good on all that experience: a space to hang out, feel relaxed, experiment and make inspired music. Here are just a few of the albums that I’ve produced/recorded and/or mixed over the past two or three years. If you have any questions please get in touch with me directly at – Michael Timmins –


Release Date: 2013

“Lee Harvey Osmond has just set the bar to an unthinkable apex for 2013 with the release of The Folk Sinner.” – Spill Magazine

“…Michael Timmins is careful never to crowd a song: all extraneous elements hover around the atmosphere, leaving the focus on the spare rhythms and Wilson’s commanding, though subtle, presence….It’s far too early to begin compiling a best of 2013 list, but The Folk Sinner is a good start.” – The Guelph Daily Mercury


Over the past twenty years I have slowly been collecting recording gear and building up our inventory of instruments, amplifiers, mics, compressors, pre-amps, fx units, etc. We now have a large, eclectic collection of equipment that is continually growing and mutating. At the heart of the studio is the RADAR multi-track recorder which to my ears is the best sounding digital recorder on the market. It is designed and built simply to be used as a music recorder, not as an editing suite, or songwriting tool or film-scoring software interface. The driving idea behind it’s development was to build a unit that had the convenience of digital but the sonic qualities of analogue and the reliability of a Studer tape machine: to help make sessions run smoothly and efficiently and sound great. Tied in to the RADAR are our carefully and individually chosen mic pre-amps, compressors and microphones. Below is a list of what comes with the studio, we also have an extensive support network throughout the Toronto music scene and we can pull in any piece of equipment that is needed or desired at a moments notice. Michael Timmins.

  • 1 Toft Audio Designs ATB32 console
  • 1 Manley Variable-Mu stereo compressor
  • 1 Universal Audio 1176LN compressor
  • 1 Distressor EL8 compressor
  • 1 Distressor EL8x compressor
  • 1 Avalon 737 tube mic-pre/compressor
  • 6 TL Audio C5 tube mic-pre/compressor
  • 1 Great River MP-2NV stereo mic-pre
  • 8 Coolohm Audio Class A Tube mic-pre
  • 1 AEA TRP ribbon mic-pre
  • 4 TC Electronics M3000 reverb processor
  • 1 Lexicon MX300 stereo reverb effects processor
  • 2 dynaudio acoustic speakers
  • 1 Hear Technologies monitor system with 6 separate monitor hubs.
  • 2 Avalon U5 Class A tube mic pre
  • 2 FMR compressors
  • 1 Roland RE-201Space Echo
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