A Short History Of Decay

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    John Murry

Jerry Leger – Early Riser “What we hear on Early Riser is the sound of a good singer-songwriter making the leap into great territory, and mostly sticking the landing…..Credit should go to producer Michael Timmins, whose ear for rich melody and honest vocals is legendary in Canada’s roots music circles (and beyond), for finding just the right sonic landscape for Leger’s songs…..Timmins knows singer-songwriters, is what I’m saying. In Leger, he’s found one of Canada’s best.” – Exclaim 8/10

“Early Riser is Jerry Leger’s best album yet. Sure, we said something similar about his last one, Some Folks Know, but they just keep getting better…..Leger found a sympathetic producer in Michael Timmins, and the record is well-developed without veering into slickness…” – NOW NNNN

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