10 Years Ago this Month, I went into the studio for two days and recorded the 1st album

I'm usually not this reflective, nor have I ever written a post like this but it just crossed my mind that this month marks 10 years since I recorded the first album. I was 19 years old and went into Joe Dunphy's old Monumental studio (which used to be a meat packing plant). It was recorded in two days, live off the floor with minimal overdubs. This would be the way I would record all my albums, keeping things as live as possible. Tim Bovaconti produced it and he was the first person to really take an interest in what I was doing, from the moment we met when I was sneaking into bars at 17. He's still one of the greatest human beings I've ever known and we've made some great records together. I value his friendship immensely.On the debut album, I had fellow 19 year old, Kyle Sullivan on drums and The Situation's first bass player, Corey Stinson (fantastic creative player and person).We had only been a band for about 6 months, so, it has this real piss and vinegar sound to it, which I still like.Kyle and I are still playing together, he's been on all 7 studio releases and the live album. We've spent our whole 20's playing music together, which is unbelievable and beautiful. He's definitely (like Bovaconti, Dan Mock, James McKie) a brother in music and one of my best friends. He's always, always fought away the darkness when I became disillusioned.

I want to say thank you to all the musicians that I've played with and all the friends and supporters of the music, the band and myself throughout the last 10 years. That is something very important. The non supporters and distractors are also very important, so I thank them as well. There's something to be said about following, chasing and sometimes being able to live your dream, to which level doesn't
really matter to me.Well, tonight I'll be playing Castro's Lounge with Dan Mock, Kyle Sullivan and Tim Bovaconti, which basically was our Cavern and it remains a very fun night, where we still continue to try out new tunes, be adventurous and I value that. Much thanks must go to Anthony Greene at Castro's who was also a huge early supporter and continues to be a great friend. I could go on and on mentioning folks that have been and are still important to me but for now I wanted to just reflect on a decade ago. Time flies.
Anyway, I'm excited to see what the next 10 years brings.
Photo of Kyle and I by Tim Bovaconti.

The debut album was simply called 'Jerry Leger & The Situation'. You can still buy the CD here: http://www.maplemusic.com/product.asp?dept_id=2926&pf_id=2925-01&lang=EN
 and iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/album/jerry-leger-situations/id120175303?uo=4

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