DAY 9 (continued) “Thoughts On The Albums” the compilation ‘TOO BROKE TO DIE: RETROSPECTIVE 2005-2019.’

This compilation came about after the increasing attention I was getting overseas. We had an almost 2-month tour booked through Europe/UK for the Spring of 2019, I thought it would be cool to put something together, a taste from each album plus a couple of outtakes. It was released as a limited edition CD in Europe-only and quickly sold out. Today it was just been added to our Bandcamp store as a digital download as well as bonus tracks added to the 1st self-titled record (which turns 15 June 8th).

Putting together this collection was like going in a time machine, it was pretty wild to hear the progression and changes. I’m very happy to have my life be documented in song and to have worked with so many wonderful people so far. Download if you don’t it already. Also, it comes free with the purchase of a ‘Time Out For Tomorrow’ baseball tee:

Source: Jerry Leger