MMN… Again… June 11, 2019

The Song

Driving home Sunday night I passed two couples wrapped in passionate embraces in the space of a block… a sure sign that spring has finally arrived… And it got me thinking about “The Song”… You know… the one that was always played at or near the end of every party… where people coupled up in an awkwardly hopeful way… with the innocence of youth.
For us it was Stairway to Heaven… and when I heard it on the radio Sunday it took me back… back to the time of slow dances, shy glances and close embraces… memories that to this day you can feel, you can hear and you can taste… and decision time lay ahead with Jimmy Page’s guitar solo… would you break apart into a faster dance or would you stay wrapped together, holding tight in the moment, not fearful of what tomorrow might bring, but only able to think about right now… right now… right now… Our song, our memories, our lives…

Andy o/b/o Skydiggers
June 11th, 2019

“And as we wind on down the Road”

Thursday, June 13th – Josh & Andy Acoustic Hugh’s Room Live
An evening celebrating Jimmy Scopes and the Cabana Room… we’ll be playing a couple of songs on a multi-artist bill honouring the late, great Jimmy Scopes and the wonderful Cabana Room scene of the lates ’70s and early ’80s where many of us got our start in Toronto… proceeds will be going to the Canadian Cancer Society in Jimmy’s name…
For tickets……

Sunday, June 16th – full band
Burlington Sound of Music Festival
TD Stage
1:15 pm OBI
2:15 pm LeE HARVeY OsMOND
3:45pm Skydiggers
5:15 pm Cowboy Junkies

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