MMN Again… May 14, 2019

30 – Skydigging

As my 30th birthday approached everything really started to come together… Andrew Cash, Jim Edigar and I had honed our sound with the Acoustic Meltdown and with the release of Andrew’s album Time and Place I got my first taste of life on the road. Josh and I had started playing and writing songs together, and by the time of my 30th birthday Ron, Peter and Wayne had joined us and we served our apprenticeship playing Monday nights at the Spadina Hotel, building a repertoire and an audience.
With a name suggested by Andrew, “Skydiggers”, we were now a band and ready to take on the world, or at least Canada, so we loaded up a rented RV with girlfriends and gear and baby Daniel and headed west to play at Sandy & Andrew’s wedding in Regina… my 30th birthday was spent on the Trans Canada somewhere east of Regina after our first show in Winnipeg, everyone chipping in to buy me maracas to add a little percussion to our country/folk/rock stew… things were looking very bright, indeed… we were now only month’s away from signing our first record deal and recording our debut album.



May 14th, 2019

Source: Skydiggers