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The Natural (Hop, Skip and Jump)

That’s Dad caught in mid flight at a track meet at Cobourg Collegiate sometime in the spring of 1940, age 15. Doing the Hop, Skip and Jump… or what we later called the Triple Jump. He was a natural athlete, good at whatever he tried… track & field, baseball, hockey, skiing, golf… he was smooth and graceful, elegant and composed.

After Dad died at the beginning of last August I came across this photo while looking for pictures to include in his celebration of life… and although it’s a little blurry (whose memory isn’t?) and creased (wrinkles… what wrinkles?) this image of my father flying through the air as a teenager, completely in the moment, unaware of all that is to come over the next nearly eighty years, both good and bad, is how I’d like to remember and honour him. As we age and we face the inevitable changes in our lives and our loved ones’ lives let’s not get so caught up in worrying about what may or may not happen that we forget to be in the moment… to miss out on the enjoyment of what’s happening right here, right now. There’s nothing in the album credits about Dad, but I wanted to let you know the meaning that this photo has for me, and why I chose it for the cover of the new album.

With gratitude, and as a proud son,
March 25th, 2019

Leap Before You Look
Side A
Maple Syrup Song
It’s Not Alright
The Man Who Sold the World
Back Out on the Road
It’s Different For Girls
Guilty by Association
Northern Shore

Side B
I Don’t Want to Talk About It
One Last Chance
Glitter Dust
Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?
Start Again
O Lucky Man!

recorded before a live audience October 27, 2018 at Revolution Recording, Toronto
The Future’s Not What it Used to Be
Lyle Molzan – drums & vocals
Derrick Brady – bass & vocals
Michael Johnston – keyboards & vocals
Andy Maize – vocals
live sound by Phil Presnal
recorded & mixed by Saam Hashemi
mastered by Peter Moore at the E Room
album design – Catherine McRae
photos – Heather Pollock

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Release date: May 17, 2019.

CD –…/skyd…/product/%20SKYLeapBeforeCD

LP –…/skyd…/product/%20SKYLeapBeforeLP

The Week Ahead
Wed March 27th – Between Us – Let’s Build a Better Bloor DufferinFundraiser @ The Burdock
Andy, Andrea & Aaron
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Thu March 28th – Cash for Toronto @ the Lula Lounge
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