New video, more EU/UK press, Ron Sexsmith praise ‘n’ share and #15 on Rolling Stone Album Charts

Hey folks, if you have a few minutes, check out the new live off of the floor video for “He’s The Lonely One Now.” It was filmed by Laura Proctor (LPPhotographs) at the Fox Theatre in Toronto. The studio version can be found on the current album Nonsense and Heartache. Watch it here:

It’s been really nice seeing the kind words for Nonsense and Heartache overseas before and since it’s release there March 2nd. Today, Kai Wichelmann at the German edition of Classic Rock Magazine gave the album 9 out of 10 and called it a “folk-rock masterpiece.” Full review here:

Other recent articles and reviews from Europe and the UK, ahead of our big April tour there.  The reviews below are very kind and written by folks who really sat with the album and got into what it’s all about.                                Norway:


Nonsense and Heartache is currently featured at #15 in the German edition of this month’s Rolling Stone! Also, thanks to Ron Sexsmith for the nice and thoughtful plug on his Twitter account! (See below)

Source: Jerry Leger