Nice words from Bob Mersereau for ‘Nonsense and Heartache’

‘Nonsense and Heartache’ is the review of the day over at Bob Mersereau’s popular blog,

The review ends with “he employs powerful language that intensifies the impact. The only problem with these albums is trying to decide which to play first.”

Bob has been a great supporter over the years. A little background on him:

A veteran Canadian broadcaster, Bob Mersereau specializes in popular music writing. He’s been with CBC TV and Radio since 1982, and regularly reports on the arts. Bob is the author of the Top 100 Canadian Albums, a national best-seller published in 2007, and The Top 100 Canadian Singles, published in September 2010, both from Goose Lane Editions. His music column appears each week on CBC Radio 1 in New Brunswick, on the program Shift, and he has written music articles and reviews for such publications as The Coast Magazine, The Telegraph Journal, and The Globe and Mail. He’s also the recipient of the 2014 Stompin’ Tom Award from the East Coast Music Association.

Source: Jerry Leger