SURPRISE ALBUM RELEASED TODAY! Download ‘Songs From The Apartment.’

SURPRISE ALBUM! Hey folks, I hope you are all keeping well in these current times we’re dealing with. I decided to release a digital-only album available on Bandcamp today called ‘Songs From The Apartment’ for a low price but you can pay more if you’re in the position to. As you know, so many have been hit hard lately including artists and the music industry. Today Bandcamp will not be taking a cut of sales and artists will get 100% so today would be a great day to purchase music from musicians you’d like to support if you can. Besides this surprise album, I have lots of other music on my Bandcamp page including Vinyl, CDs and more digital downloads. ABOUT THE NEW DIGITAL-ONLY ALBUM:
A lo-fi collection of songs recorded solo at home, most of which had been written, quickly demoed and forgotten about. The performances are relaxed, intimate and raw.
A surprise digital-only album, released during Spring 2020’s days of isolation. Many thanks to Aaron Comeau for touching the rough recordings up. Besides “You & Louise” which was released in a version by my side-project The Del Fi’s, these songs have never been released in any form. I had a nice time hearing some of these songs again for the first time. I hope you enjoy and keep well. – Jerry
Album photo & cover by the wonderful LPPhotographs

Link to download the new digital album:

Source: Jerry Leger