Talkin’ Lockdown with Mark Underwood at AmericanaUK

“When Americana UK last caught up with Jerry Leger in November 2019 (the week after the release of his new album), we asked him why the record was called ‘Time Out For Tomorrow’. While the album’s literal title was based on an early ’60s dime store collection of science fiction short stories, Jerry said at the time that it was “hard to have a clear explanation but the title just seemed to fit. Maybe parts of the album are a bit sci-fi. We’re living in strange times.” 6 months ago Leger couldn’t have appreciated quite how strange things were about to get – with life right now feeling as though we’re living in a nightmarish, dystopian science fiction reality.” Chatting with my friend Mark Underwood a little while ago at AmericanaUK. Talkin’ Lockdown, my new surprise album Songs From The Apartment and more. Read the full article and interview here:

Source: Jerry Leger