Tom Wilson Shares His Inspiration With Huffington Post




I was recently approached by the 2015 Hamilton JUNO Host Committee and CARAS/The JUNO Awards to create a mural that would leave a legacy from this year's awards in Hamilton. While I was dreaming up ideas, thinking about the unique flavour and musical essence of the city, I started thinking about the MYSTIC HIGHWAY.

We've all gone down the MYSTIC HIGHWAY and come back with hymns in our heads and poetry tattooed on our tongues.

The MYSTIC HIGHWAY is highway 6. It runs from Hamilton through Port Dover, to Turkey Point and across the top of Lake Erie. There's an energy that comes off the fields down there. There are voices coming off the lake that sing to you. 

You can feel it as you drive south out of Hamilton. It's where Robbie Robertson spent summers on the Six Nations. It's where Ronnie Hawkins fired his drunken bass player Rebel Payne and hired a young Turkey Point kid named Rick Danko.

It's where migrant workers from the islands meet Six Nations and Mohawks and sage and tobacco fields and transient spirits come together and create the Northern gumbo…READ MORE