Under Cover (February 2015) – Mary Margaret O’Hara


This is our newly launched Under Cover feature. Every month we will be offering free downloads of two cover songs: one recorded by Cowboy Junkies and another recorded by a Latent artist. We are running this feature off of the Latent Recordings Facebook page. All you need to do is go to the page, click the Under Cover link and follow the prompts.

When Trinity Session was beginning to generate a buzz in the late 80's, there was another artist in the city that was also bringing some international attention to the local music scene. Mary Margaret O'Hara released her album "Miss America" right around the time that RCA re-released The Trinity Session and although the album never reached the commercial heights that Trinity reached, it certainly was its equal in gathering critical plaudits. Unlike Trinity Session which was recorded in a day, "Miss America" went through major birthing pains and had many false starts before it finally became the masterpiece that we know today. And it is a masterpiece…if you don't know it, find it. It's a deeply moving piece of music.

We covered Mary's "You Will Be Loved Again" and included it on The Caution Horses album. It was our way of showing our appreciation for Mary's other-worldly talents. Ivy Mairi, who wasn't even born when Mary recorded "Miss America", came in to our studio last year and created her own beautiful version of "Dear Darling". Enjoy the music and please make sure that you search out the original as well. 

Source: Cowboy Junkies