Words Falling Slow – I’m So Open


Words Falling Slow is a twice weekly blog series written by Michael Timmins in which he writes about the writing, recording, history and inspiration behind some of the songs included in the Notes Falling Slow box set. You can pre-order Notes Falling Slow here. You can listen to a new recording from the box set here. Here you can find online casinos for Canadian players.

As January 1, 2000 approached, Margo decided that our whole extended family should celebrate the arrival of the new millennium together. She invited us all up to her farm for New Years Eve and we partied like it was 1999. A huge bonfire was lit and we all gathered within its comforting circle of light and warmth as we waited out the final hours of the 20th century and anticipated the arrival of the 21st. There inside this circle were the most important people in my life, and lurking on the edges, in the darkness, was all of our futures, our paths, our fates. It was all at the same time, a terrifically comforting and totally terrifying, moment….perfect fodder for a song. Just outside there waiting/Just outside the circle/Waiting for that finger to point your way/Just keep running/ Just keep running.

Source: The Kennedy Suite