Morning Morning News… Again – April 1, 2019

Morning Morning News… Again


No, not the subject that nearly kept me in Grade 13 for another year… thanks Mrs. Lister… but those moments when you share a bond with a group of people where you all know that what you have experienced is something special… something that only you will fully understand and truly appreciate. For me it started with sports… going to the Quebec Peewee hockey tournament with Victoria Wood… winning the TDSSA Senior Football Championship in 1976 at NTCI…. and friends… drinking beer with Geoff and Hugh at Bruce Beach just before my 17th birthday… squash nights, beer and baked alaska (a story for another day) with John and Jeff, D’arcy, Barb & Nancy…

and then it turned into music… forming the Skydiggers with Josh, Ron, Peter and Wayne, building a repertoire while playing weekly at the Spadina Hotel… the river trip that was part of the Dawson City Music Festival’s 20th Anniversary with Josh, Peter and Paul… the gang at MapleMusic circa 2003… and most recently the evening that Michael, Lyle, Derrick and I spent with family and friends recording what has become “Leap Before You Look”.

Chemistry… you know it when you’ve got it, but it’s so elusive that you spend your life looking for those perfect moments, where the feeling is effortless and as close to perfection as we flawed humans ever get… I used to take it for granted… not anymore.

April 1st, 2019 (no jokes for me, today…!)

“O Lucky Man”:

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Tue April 9th – 13th – Dreamwalker Dance Company presents All of Our Dreaming
Andy & Andrea
Tickets –…

Thu April 18th – Byrds! Byrds! Byrds!
Hugh’s Room
Andy, Fergus, Tim, Cleave & Bob
Tickets –

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